Skin Rejuvenation Treatment in Delhi


  • Non-toxic, hypoallergenic and has no healing period
  • Long term results
  • Natural treatment that corrects various aesthetic irregularities of the skin
  • It improves the skin smoothness parameters and gross skin elasticity
  • Improves the skin bio-stimulation and skin barrier function
  • Facial and neck revitalization
  • Corrects deep nasolabial folds
  • Corrects deep nasolabial folds
  • Safe, effective, virtually pain-free treatment

Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatment in Delhi, India

The human skin is the protective layer that provides protection from external environmental factors. The skin cells die with age, and the ability to regenerate also becomes less. This results in making the skin thinner, and it starts to sag, as it loses its elasticity and volume.

In this therapy, the human blood containing growth factors, essential proteins, cell adhesion molecules, cytokines, is injected into the skin. This leads to activation of fibroblast and promotes collagen synthesis. This provides the skin with a strong rejuvenating effect and refreshed look. This concentrate of growth factors is an activating agent as it stimulates the skin  to produce more collagen and the formation of new skin cells.

It is a natural and safe treatment for skin rejuvenation, and this revolutionary method uses a minimum amount of patient’s blood. The  growth factors and proteins have a strong rejuvenating effect as it repairs the damaged tissues by providing a deep and superficial therapeutic effects on the skin.

Areas and skin concerns that can be treated

  1. Eyebrow and eyelid lifting
  2. Adding volume in the sunken facial area
  3. Helps in the reduction of acne scars and dark circles under eyes
  4. Correction of under-eye bags by reducing the appearance of tear-through
  5. Lip augmentation
  6. Corrects wrinkling skin around and under the eyes

Procedure time: 30-45 minutes.

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  • 1About 10-20 ml of blood is extracted and collected in a centrifuge tube.
  • 2Centrifugation process is performed to separate the components of the blood.
  • 3The target area is cleaned and a numbing cream is applied to minimize the discomfort.
  • 4The selected proteins, growth factor, are re-injected into the target area of the skin.
  • 5 Small needles are used to inject into the surface or deeper. The pricks are not painful.
  • 6A sterilized dermaroller or microneedling pen is used to make small superficial damage or micro channels in the skin so that the growth factors, penetrate deep into the skin and provide with improved results.
  • 7After the procedure, one might suffer from pain, redness, swelling, but all these are temporary and will be corrected within a few hours or a few days after the treatment. Serums and ice is applied to soothe the redness and irritation. The new collagen and blood vessels will form, and the fine lines and wrinkles make the skin fuller.
  • 8This stimulates the regeneration of skin and subcutaneous tissue, and reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and increases the facial skin tone. As the process uses patient ’s own blood, no complications are caused by the immune process as no foreign matter is injected into the body.

Suitable candidates for the procedure

  1. Those who have wrinkles, fine lines in-between the eyebrows, and around the eyes
  2. Those who have laughter lines
  3. Those who have acne scars
  4. Those who have dull skin and uneven texture
  5. Those who want to opt for a non-surgical approach to achieve skin rejuvenation benefits without surgery
  6. Non-alcoholic and non-smoker candidates
  7. Those who are not suffering from any kind of skin disorders and have good overall health


* It is not a suitable procedure for people suffering from  eczema, rosacea, active acne, autoimmune disorders, sepsis, pregnant individuals, chronic liver disease, anticoagulants, and critical thrombocytopenia.

* Heart patients, high blood pressure, and people on therapies against coagulation of blood are not recommended this treatment.

Side effects
The occurrence of any side effects after this treatment is rare, but some temporary problems that can occur after this treatment include:

  1. Bruising
  2. Swelling
  3. Redness
  4. Inflammation
  5. Allergic response to anaesthesia
  6. In rare cases, infection or scarring can occur, and if an individual is having a history of herpes infection they may suffer from an outbreak after this procedure.

Note: It is very important to share medical history with the dermatologist before undergoing the procedure to avoid any complications during and after the treatment.

After the treatment sessions are completed, one must follow up with the doctor for maintenance, depending upon the indication of the treatment.

Results offered

  • The results are visible after the first procedure, and repeated sessions are recommended to obtain the best outcomes of this procedure.
  • Improves skin texture, color, and makes it hydrated.
  • Tightens the skin, decreases scarring, softens lines and decreases open pores.
  • The effect of the results lasts for about 18 months or more and the continuity of results also depends on the skin quality, lifestyle of the individual.


  1. Do not perform any activity that causes the skin to perspire for at least 24 hours after the treatment. Sweating can cause skin irritation and also increases the risk of swelling and bruising.
  2. Avoid sunbathing, direct contact with the skin, protect the skin from dusty areas for at least 3-4 days after the treatment.
  3. Consumption of enough water both before and after the treatment is suggested.
  4. Do not consume blood-thinning medications and other vitamin supplements for a few days both before and after the treatment.
  5. Do not rub or pick the skin after the treatment.
  6. Only apply the skin products that are recommended by a dermatologist, and one can apply the lightweight foundation or powder to hide the redness, if needed.

This treatment uses a bio-active material and has a strong metabolic and rejuvenating effect on the skin. It promotes collagen production as it rejuvenates the skin tissue and speeds up the skin’s repair process. Dr. Rohit Batra’s Dermaworld Skin Clinic provides various safe and effective skin rejuvenation treatments. The Clinic uses Gold Standard Technology to treat various other skin and hair concerns effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Skin rejuvenation treatments focus on enhancing the appearance of an individual. There are various non-surgical treatments that are mainly designed to renew and enhance the look with minimal downtime. The best skin rejuvenation treatments include:

Chemical peel: In this treatment, a chemical solution is applied to the skin, which helps in treating various skin concerns and provide anti-aging and skin-brightening benefits. After this treatment, the new skin is smoother, rejuvenated, and less wrinkled. This is an effective skin rejuvenation treatment that removes acne scars, wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, and promotes new skin cell formation.

Laser toning: In this skin-rejuvenating treatment, Q-switched laser is used to target the skin areas, which results in melanin reduction. The treatment removes acne scars, chickenpox scar, skin hyperpigmentation concerns, and provides anti-aging benefits by boosting the production of collagen and elastin.

Vampire facelift: In this treatment, the human growth factors and essential proteins are injected into the skin. This procedure stimulates the production of collagen and treat various skin concerns and provides anti-aging benefits. This is one of the best, safe, and natural treatment for skin rejuvenation.

Various other skin rejuvenating treatments are microneedling, dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, medifacials, mesotherapy, etc.

Skin rejuvenation treatment helps an individual to restore the youthful and beautiful appearance. This treatment removes the damaged outer layer of the skin and provides healthy and youthful-looking skin. Various treatments also boost collagen and elastin production and provide anti-aging benefits, and make an individual look more enhanced and youthful. Skin rejuvenation treatments like chemical peel, laser toning, laser resurfacing, micro-needling, and they all focus on initiating the production of collagen and new skin cells. This technique also repairs the damaged skin tissues and makes an individual look younger and radiant.

The skin rejuvenation treatment focuses on making the skin look radiant, youthful, and brighter by removing the damage. Some rejuvenation treatment procedures remove the top layer of the skin, and some boost the collagen production inside the skin to provide volume and anti-aging benefits. The cost of skin rejuvenation treatment depends on the type of treatment, the severity of the skin condition, the requirement of the patient, the number of treatment sessions, and also on the experience of the dermatologist.

The results of skin rejuvenation treatments are visible after the very first procedure, and repeated sessions are recommended to maintain the best outcomes of the procedure. The effect of results usually lasts for about 8-12 months or more. The results of the treatment also depend on the skin quality and the lifestyle of the individual. Skin rejuvenation treatment mainly focuses on improving skin texture, color, and makes it look hydrated. Hence, touch up sessions are recommended to achieve long-lasting results.

Youthful facial skin can be restored with the help of skin rejuvenation treatments like dermal fillers, chemical peels, laser toning, vampire facelift, mesosphere, medifacial, hydrafacial, microneedling, laser resurfacing, and many more. All these treatments help in restoring the desired look on the face. These procedures focus on the production of collagen (anti-aging benefits), new skin cells formation, and removal of scars and pigmentation.


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