Laser Toning in Delhi

Ideal candidate for Laser Toning procedure

  • An individual suffering from skin conditions like pigmentation disorders, blotchy skin, acne, wrinkles, sagging skin, tanned skin, age spots, large pores.
  • Must be in a good state of health.
  • Non-smoker and non-alcoholic.
  • Must have realistic expectations with the procedure.

Laser Toning in Delhi

Laser toning refers to the use of Q-switched lasers (long pulsed laser) that delivers lower energy wavelength of light to targeted skin areas and induce sublethal injury to the melanosomes (site for synthesis, storage, and transport of melanin). This causes rupture and fragmentation of melanin granules present in the cytoplasm, and result in melanin reduction in the superficial layers of the skin and improves various skin pigmentation disorders. At Dermaworld Skin Clinic in Delhi, we use tri-beam premium technology that removes pigmented lesions, lightens the skin tone, and provides with improved skin texture. This sub-threshold injury to the surrounding dermis also stimulates collagen formation (promote collagen remodelling) that leads to making the skin tighter and minimising the large open pores.

Laser toning is an effective method to treat melasma and other skin pigmentation issues. It also addresses other cosmetic concerns like wrinkles, fine lines, and sun damage.

Benefits offered by Laser Toning procedure

  1. It is a safe and effective treatment that works on all types of pigmentation.
  2. The treatment does not leave any scabs, as the treatment occurs deep within the skin.
  3. Suitable treatment for all skin types.
  4. One can resume their normal activities right after the treatment as there’s minimal to no downtime.
  5. It also effectively treats macules and eye bags that are propelled by under-eye skin pigmentation.
  6. Virtually painless, the patient may feel a warm sensation as the laser wand goes over the skin.
  7. It also corrects two-tone texture and dull, tired look.

It is also effective for skin tightening and sagging skin around the neck, jawline, and forehead.

Multiple skin conditions can be corrected with laser toning

Apart from the pigmentation issues, laser toning can help with:

  1. Sagging skin.
  2. Acne scars.
  3. Birthmarks.
  4. Dark circles and under-eye bags
  5. Smoker’s lines and crow’s feet.
  6. Frown lines, wrinkles, and age spots.
  7. Dry and droopy eyelid skin.

Both male and female candidates can opt for this treatment. During the initial consultation, our dermatologists conduct a physical examination and also evaluate medical history to determine whether one is the right candidate for this treatment.

Laser toning is not a suitable treatment for those who are pacemaker wearers, pregnant, sunburned, diabetic and have keloid scars.

Get in touch with our skin experts for an effective laser toning treatment in Delhi at Dermaworld Skin Clinic. Our experts can better guide whether one is an ideal candidate for laser toning procedure or not.

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Multiple skin conditions can be corrected with laser toning

  • 1Sagging skin.
  • 2Acne scars.
  • 3Birthmarks.
  • 4Dark circles and under-eye bags
  • 5Smoker’s lines and crow’s feet.
  • 6Frown lines, wrinkles, and age spots.
  • 7Dry and droopy eyelid skin.

How Laser Toning Procedure is performed?

Laser toning targets the outer layer of the skin and heats the lower layer of the dermis to promote collagen production. The new collagen fibers also help in the production of new skin that provides smoother and blemish free skin.

Before performing laser toning, the candidate must protect their skin from the sun (must apply sunscreen), stop smoking, and must stop the intake of any blood-thinning medications. This helps to increase skin tolerance towards this dermatological treatment and decrease the risk of any side effects during the treatment.

Now let’s understand the procedure step wise.

1. A topical anesthetic is applied to reduce pain and discomfort during the procedure.

2. The skin is cleansed to remove excess oil, bacteria, and dirt.

3. Eyes are protected with goggles, and the laser is moved slowly all over the face or selectively in certain areas.

4. A soothing hydrating product is applied, that contains vitamin C, hyaluronic acid. Sunscreen is also applied.

The patient may experience slight redness in the treated area for a few hours after the treatment, and certain vitamins and serums are applied to ease the discomfort after the treatment. It is a very comfortable procedure that enhances facial beauty by improving inflammatory pigmentation.

Possible side effects and risks

  1. Burning.
  2. Rash.
  3. Swelling.
  4. Infection.
  5. Scarring.
  6. Redness.

It is recommended that this procedure must be performed only by a skilled and experienced medical professional, to minimize the chance of the occurrence of any side effects.

The treatment can take about 1-2 hours, and multiple sessions (about 4-7) are required to achieve the expected results.

Post procedure care

  1. Apply sunscreen (SPF 30 or more) and protect the skin from harmful sun rays, as it can increase the risk of hyperpigmentation.
  2. Avoid intake of blood-thinning medications and other supplements for a few weeks after the procedure.
  3. Intake plenty of water and eat antioxidants rich diet.
  4. Avoid hot sauna and hot baths for a few weeks after the treatment.
  5. Apply petroleum jelly or other ointments as prescribed by the dermatologist during the recovery period.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Laser toning is a painless and quick procedure that is suitable for treating multiple skin cosmetic problems. It is a non-invasive procedure that is used to treat hyperpigmentation issues, unwanted sun spots, acne scars, and brown spots from the skin. This procedure is also used for promoting skin lightening and whitening. One of the best methods for laser toning is Q-switched. In this procedure, a Q-switched laser pulsed beam of high intensity is produced that reduces the dark melanin pigment and corrects skin pigmentation problems. This energy emitted by laser stimulates the production of sub-dermal collagen and improves skin tone, texture, and color.

Q-switched lasers deliver a 1064nm wavelength of light that is absorbed by the dark pigment melanin present in the dark spots or pigmented area. The heat of the laser destroys this excess melanin pigment and reduces their appearance. Laser toning also causes sub-dermal collagen production, which is responsible for improving the texture, color, and tone of the skin. The collagen and elastin production help regain back perfect skin texture. This method also makes the skin much softer, brighter, firmer, and supple. This treatment is not responsible for causing any damage to the surrounding skin because this laser takes a very short time to contact the skin compared to other laser skin treatments.

Laser toning is a simple, painless treatment procedure that corrects various multiple skin issues. This procedure uses a non-ablative process that gives the best results by smoothening, clarifying, and plumping the skin. The treatment can effectively treat pigmentation problems like hyperpigmentation, melasma, acne scar, sun spots, birthmarks, freckles, wrinkles, fine lines, livers pots, chickenpox scar, and many other skin related problems. This technique is best to restore and rejuvenate the skin and provides an attractive look by brightening the skin.

Yes, a dermatologist can help an individual to lighten their skin tone by providing the best treatment. There are various factors responsible for skin darkening like sun damage, hormonal imbalance, pollution, genetics, etc. The dermatologist diagnoses the root cause causing pigmentation or dark skin tone in an individual. Then provides the patient with the best treatment that helps them to get the desired brighter skin tone. Laser toning is one such procedure mostly used to get a lighter and more radiant skin tone by correcting various skin darkening problems like acne scar, melasma, dark spots. It is also useful in providing anti-aging benefits.

Laser toning is the best treatment for skin whitening. Laser toning is for treating multiple skin darkening and pigmentation related issues. This procedure uses a Q-Switched laser that decreases the dark melanin present in the superficial layers of the skin and corrects pigment irregularities. This laser also supports collagen and elastin production that rejuvenates the skin tone and texture. This procedure improves the appearance of uneven skin tone, blotchy skin, and tanned skin and gives immediate brightening and rejuvenation to the skin of the face, hands, and neck. The hairs of the face are affected by the bleaching effect and shed off which provides a brightening effect to the skin. Once the skin surface becomes rejuvenated, it gives a whitening effect to the skin.

Yes. Laser toning is a safe, effective, and painless rejuvenating procedure. This procedure is a non-ablative method, so it does not cause any damage to the skin. But some patients may experience a sensation of heat when the laser handpiece is applied on the facial skin during the procedure, but to manage discomfort, a cooling gel is applied on the face that eases this procedure and discomfort. The patient can resume their regular activities immediately after this procedure because this method does not cause bruising or swelling. One may need 4 to 6 sessions of laser toning to obtain the best results.

Q-switched laser toning is good for treating facial skin irregularities because it uses a process of sub-cellular selective photothermolysis to destroy the dark pigment-producing cells. The laser heat is absorbed by the melanin, and it is further broken and further removed by the body’s immune system. The treatment also removes tan and makes the skin look brighter. The lasers also bleach the fine superficial face hair and make one look fairer after the process. The non-ablative lasers are used in this process, and they heat the targeted tissue and do not destroy them. The controlled thermal injury results in more collagen and elastin production and makes the skin look youthful and radiant.


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