DAAS Summit was started in the year 2014 by Organizing President Dr. R.P Gupta and Organizing Secretary Dr. Rohit Batra. This was a unique and first of its kind event held in Delhi. The chief aim of this summit was to bring specialists from various medical and surgical branches under one roof, discussing and helping each other by the power of their knowledge and experiences.

DAAS Summit, 2014

Dermatology and Allied Specialities Summit was held between 25th to 27th July 2014 in New Delhi. This unique and first time ever Summit aims to bring together specialists from various medical and surgical branches under one roof to teach and learn from one another with the ultimate aim of enhancing their practical knowledge and their practice.

The highlights of the Event

The highlight of DAAS SUMMIT 2014 was panel discussions in all sessions with active audience participation. Active participation as an interested delegate will open avenues to learn not only from dermatologists but from specialists of other fields too. First-hand experience translating into practical tips from experts of allied fields like plastic surgery, rheumatology, endocrinology, pediatrics, gynaecology, hematology, etc. added to our collective therapeutic armamentarium and knowledge base, the much needed cut above the rest in today's competitive world.

DAAS Summit, 2015

The 2nd Dermatology and Allied Specialities Summit was held from 3rd to 5th July 2015 in New Delhi.

DAAS Summit, 2017

This Dermatology and Allied Specialties Summit was held from 30th June to 2nd July in 2017 in New Delhi.

DAAS Summit, 2018

The 5th DAAS SUMMIT was held from 29th June to 1st July 2018 at Hotel Eros, New Delhi. The meeting was carried out with an additional albeit pleasant responsibility of inviting selected members of ISD from all over the world to witness this unique meeting that stands out from the rest by its signature style of learning and teaching from panel discussions. DAAS committee invited international faculties from across the globe in addition to the wonderful talent that was always attracted from across the country. Delegates and faculty interacted in panel discussions on various topics where the highlight was freewheeling discussions on practical aspects with not only dermatologists but an expert each from the respective allied specialty. We tried to help ISD by installing an in-house registration and information booth for new members to sign in.

DAAS Summit, 2019

The 6th edition of Dermatology And Allied Specialties Summit (DAAS SUMMIT) was held from 5th-7th July 2019 at Hotel Eros, New Delhi. With the continuing support of various faculty and delegates from across the country through the last 5 editions, this event was also a great success. This sojourn of interaction between the moderator, panelists, and audience is the best way to learn practical aspects about how to manage various challenging clinical, dermatological and cosmetic aspects of the ins and outs and the ifs and buts of dermatology. As always we had our talented group of faculty from across the country getting into freewheeling discussions along with experts from other specialties too so that a comprehensive management plan for the patient can be chalked out. This year's motto was “Knowledge sans boundaries” to highlight the fact that we cut across specialties, age barriers, regional boundaries and unite to spread knowledge in the most practical way possible.

Organising comitee

  • Organizing President-Dr. R.P. Gupta
  • Scientific Chairpersons-Dr. Shyam Verma
  • Dr. Archana Singal
  • Organizing Secretary-Dr. Rohit Batra
Event Benefit
Event Creator

Dr. Rohit Batra

Organizing Secretary

The motto of this year's conference is "Widening Horizons - Enhancing Proficiency"


Dr. Rohit Batra, an MD (Dermatology,
Venereology & Leprology), is an adult,
pediatric and cosmetic dermatologist
& dermato-surgeon based at New Delhi.






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